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"Graffiti walls" and posters exist all over the world as public forums for self-expression and inquiry. Here is our constructive way of expressing our intellectual journey in an electronic and visual form. Our hope is that our Question Wall becomes a fertile place of questions about practices and ideas in education - a source of inspiration for all of us. The Question Wall will become a learning log - a visual representation of our thinking as we engage in the courses.


The Question Wall is different from other parts of the TWB Learning Cafe because here you do NOT respond to my question (or to anyone else's question posted in this section). You simply enjoy reading the questions and posting your own.


Here's an example:

"How do I know my students are learning? How do they know they are learning?"

(Post your question below.)


In the future, will one be considered "sentimental" to love the smell and feel of our computer screens and keyboards?

Linda Kvamme

An "...as I am reading..." reflection...
Alfred North Whitehead's distinction between traditional: "dead ideas of the living" and tradition: "living ideas of the dead" evokes a value-oriented response from me. Not all traditional ideas are bad (implied by the verb "dead." I haven't read any further...I am just sharing my thought process (in process).


Is not nurturing as important or more important than learning from the book?

alexandria sabeghi

How important is it to have a Ph.D by 17? Is younger better?

Harold Shaw

Why do I have to teach with methods that don't reach my students, but society and sometimes other teachers still think that they are necessary?

Claudia Stephens

Education has been my passion both as a learner and a teacher/librarian. Learning in a community of educators is a great way to recharge, reconnect, and inspire.

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